Warriors Anonymous

Warriors Anonymous

A bunch of no-bodies

Warriors Anonymous has emerged as a thriving podcast, driven by a passionate group of self-proclaimed “nobodies” fervently following the journey of the NRL team, the New Zealand Warriors.

Recognising the potential of this dynamic venture, the Warriors Anonymous team sought the expertise of La Musa to orchestrate their digital debut. This collaboration aimed to establish their brand identity, design a new website to host their content, and inaugurate an ecommerce platform for merchandise sales.

La Musa conceptualised and developed a clean and intuitive design aesthetic that seamlessly integrates users into the Warriors Anonymous community. Our goal was to encapsulate the warmth and unique humour of the brand while ensuring effortless navigation through podcast episodes, blog content, and video series.

The website showcases merchandise offerings and content categories in an uncluttered and organised manner, allowing users to engage with the Warriors Anonymous experience effortlessly. Through this collaboration, La Musa Digital remains committed to elevating the Warriors Anonymous brand and fostering meaningful connections with its audience.


Warriors Anonymous


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