Nexia Australia

Nexia Australia stands as a premier mid-tier accounting network across Australia and New Zealand, offering a comprehensive suite of accounting and advisory solutions ranging from tax compliance to intricate business advisory services.

La Musa Digital holds a cherished partnership with Nexia Australia, marked by a longstanding and successful collaboration.

Engaged in a variety of digital marketing projects, La Musa takes particular pride in the transformative impact of introducing marketing automation solutions and digital reporting systems. These initiatives have empowered the executive team across the network with comprehensive insights, providing clarity and understanding regarding the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Armed with this data-driven approach, Nexia is better positioned to focus their marketing efforts on campaigns and projects that yield optimal results and drive business success.

Significant projects undertaken with Nexia include the revitalisation of their brand identity and website, ensuring alignment with the modernity and success of their current offerings. Additionally, La Musa has played a pivotal role in updating key internal and external communications to reflect Nexia’s evolving brand narrative. This includes the redesign of EDMs and the production of several video projects, aimed at showcasing the company culture and the dynamic team behind it.

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