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Odyssey Geopolitical Consultants specialises in deciphering and leveraging geopolitical insights to facilitate informed decision-making on a global scale. From advising on high-stakes class actions to evaluating human rights infringements by corporations and advocating for political reforms in developing nations, Odyssey is committed to offering tailored geopolitical counsel, advocacy, and analysis.

La Musa Digital was engaged to spearhead the consultancy’s digital debut, focusing on brand development, website design and blog content creation. Collaborating closely with the Sydney-based team, our task was to artfully showcase their unparalleled expertise, achievements, and nuanced approach, all while upholding the utmost discretion and client confidentiality.

Inspired by the timeless wisdom of ancient Greek philosophy, our branding and web design efforts encapsulated the essence of Odyssey’s ethos, with carefully selected imagery resonating with their distinctive tagline, “The World is our Office.”


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"Tahnee has done a really superb and professional job on the website – everyone now loves it! Many thanks for your support and I am so very glad that you are enjoying my intellectual spin on world affairs – I think that people reading this will be confident and impressed to use our services."

- Andrew Kostopoulos -

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